Katharina Bertzbach

is working as a classical potter and as an unconventional sculptor with Limoges porcelain. Her domestic ware, big bowls or tall bottle-vases are made on the potter’s wheel. The sculptural work is formed by hand. Every piece is unique. It is glazed and painted with a brush, before being cooked in a gas-fired kiln at 1280°C.

Every piece of porzellan radiates an individual note of spontaneous ease and artistic imagination.

The Work has being exhibited in numerous art galleries and international ceramic displays.

Katharina Bertzbach caters to individual orders. Her china is durable, hardwearing and can be put in the dishwasher. Its daily use creates a special delight, that arises through the strong individuality and originality of each piece of ceramic work.

Katharina Bertzbach’s professional development is quite as unique as her art. Born in 1962, she grew up in Northern Germany and was classically trained in the pottery craft in the early 80’s in Bavaria. Being an adventurous person, she seeks to gain professional experience in foreign countries. Years of intensive learning in New Zealand and Southern Spain widen and enrich her artistic abilities and craftsmanship.

She undergoes her masters trade examination in 1990 and settles in Northern Germany where she lives and works.